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Miscellaneous Ephemera

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Undated photo card featuring a
black and white reproduction of "Tanya"
by Kukrynikses.

Undated photo card depicting
Hero of the Soviet Union
award and Zoya's gravesite.

Detail from a collage commemorating
the sixtieth year of the
Young Communist League (Komsomol)
by Valeri Belyakov and Nikolai Smolyakov.
Soviet Life, October 1978.

2 post cards

Post cards (one-sided), USSR, 1942
Caption text reads:
"Hero of the Soviet Union Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya."

image detail

Detail view of post card artwork.
postage detail

Post card "stamp": face value denomination:
Pochta 20kop (20 kopeek =0.20 rub)
Galina Vodyanitskaya

Promotional photograph of Galina Vodyanitskaya
(1918-2007), who played Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya
in the 1944 film Zoya.

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